Springfield Gasworks on the Connecticut River
Springfield Gasworks on the Connecticut River

When Ted was a child in Springfield he loved to visit his grandparent’s bakery in the South End of Springfield. He must have loved the smell of fresh-baked bread. But just a short distance away was the Gasworks, a large plant emitting foul orders and belching black smoke from its four large smokestacks.

The Lorax book cover

Although we don’t know for certain how the young Ted reacted to the pollution coming from the Gasworks, many readers of Dr. Seuss feel that it led him, more than 50 years later, to write his book The Lorax (1971) about pollution and it’s tragic effects.

See if you can match Dr. Seuss’s illustrations to photos of his hometown.

Dr. Seuss lived on Mulberry Street in Springfield, MA.



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